Tuesday, December 13, 2005

As i start to pour my thoughts on this new canvass ,Let me tell u why have i decided to call it the collage of life .As a Kid art attracted me but somehow any structured form of art offered a constraint of content ,iy usually had to have a meaning and form that would justify its continuity ..untill one day i came across a collage ,and then my eyes lit up ,here was art closest to life ..whats structured about life with its ever changing patterns ,is any day ,event,happening, similar to last or next (untill ur a very boring person)collage is a background stuck with pictures and forms collectively making sense ,indivisually making sense and not making sense both ways if you choose it not too!
what i feel when i see a collage that pictures need to come together and lend support for one to compliment the other ,and yet the collage is incomplete without either ..confusing thats right ,thats what life is supposed to be for someone who is not willing to always buy the simple most apparent interpretetion ,i see no bravery in not accepting facts as they are yes call a spade a spade ,but thats in business and commerce .To unwind and romanticise your left side u need to make a collage or two of your own ...not everyone can paint ,yet lot of us love that art form so we need to paint something on our walls to .. grab odd;s and ends from your life stick em up that wall and what would emerge is maybe your life ...a large picture ,an addition of many small pictures that somehow someway connect to make a lot of sense Thats my collage